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-- stuff happen. >> sean: that is all the time we have. great is next. she is standing by to go live on the record. see you tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news weather alert. hello i'm jamie colby in >> this is a fox news weather alert. hurricane earl making its way up the east coast, spreading rain and winds over southern long island. a category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. right now the folks on cape cod are sure feeling the long, lingering wrath of earl. steve harrigan has been following earl over a week. when earl was in the virgin islands, steve was there. and now earl is visiting cape cod. guess what? steve is there. how are the conditions right now? how are you holding up? >> reporter: jamie, we are
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holding up fine here. we are starting to feel the first outer bands of the storm. the eye of the storm is expected to hit well offshore. we are getting sideways rain and bigger waves here. all day it's been a debate in cape cod and nantucket just how hard this storm was going to hit, just how much preparation people should take. we have seen people really on the fence. some people deciding to pull their boats out. harbor, others leaving them in. one of the big concerns here when a hurricane hits is trees going down. trees going down when could knock electricity out. we have seen a number of measure, including moving 50 emergency electricity vehicles to this island to make sure they do have emergency power should the lights go out, something that's happened in storms past. >> a lot of people are there for the holiday. how has this storm changed from the very first day you started covering it? >> reporter: we did start covering the storm in the north
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eastern caribbean in the u.s. virgin islands in st. thomas several days ago. it was a much stronger storm then, it was a category 4. what happens depends on how close the eye is. and it also depends on where you are. when you are in a remote island location, you are at the storm's mercy. you lose cell phone and electricity. airports shut down. you are really stranded. our next stop was virginia beach, much easier to get around, the eye of the storm further off. here people have had some time to chart the path of the storm and to take planning measures. people are careful about boarding up and planning. of course, they are use to the strong winds in the winter with the nor'easters. >> we hope they will heed the call and take all precautions. steve, thanks for bringing us the story. we will go back tulater in the hour. now we want to go to rich reichmuth at the fox extreme weather center with the latest on this storm's path. rick, this storm first.
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then i want to ask but what is next? >> reporter: you bet. earl was such a formidable storm and you can see the cold front moving in. that's what is driving this off towards the east. we have another 8 hours to get through. then we will be done with earl and we will set up for a pretty nice weekend. but very rough conditions across the southeastern area of new england. eastern end of long island is about done with some storm as well. but it continues to pull off to the northeast. and the center's going to be 80 to 100 miles away from nantucket. that's very good news. we are probably dealing with the strongest winds we are going to deal with right about this point. very significant waves and rain at this point. take a electric at the history of this. yesterday, it was 145-mile-per-hour, strong storm during the morning hours. and it really weakened when it went past cape cod. and that's certainly good news. we are almost done with this. by 2:00 in the morning, it will be just moving east of cape cod. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, it will
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be crossing the canadian maritimes as a much weaker storm. >> i know you are working on fiona and gaston. thank you. >> you bet. the new unemployment numbers are out, it wasn't what you wanted to hear. according to the u.s. department of labor, unemployment is up to 9.6% in august. private sector jobs did rise by 67,000. is that the sign of improvement that the obama administration promised when it instituted the millions and multi-billion dollar stimulus bill? let's ask steve moore senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" editorial page. thank you for joining us. was there any good news in today's economic numbers? >> you know there was a glimmer of nope those numbers that came out. mostly disappointing. but the thing that i think is important that gives me some sense of relief is that a few
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weeks ago jamie we were worried about a double dip recession. where the economy would crash again and we would see, you know, dramatic increase on unemployment and dramatic reduction new growth. this suggests to us the fact that we had 60 to 70,000 private sector job growth which is not good but at least positive, i think for the moment we have averted a double dip recession. >> jamie: let's look at this chart. as the stimulus spending went up, the unemployment rate went up also. we were told by the economic team that president obama entrusted, that it would be less than 8%. it is not. based on this chart, which is pretty stunning to me. o', where is it going? >> the problem is, you know that the u.s. economy is kind of comatose right now. it is just very slow growth. very little hiring being done by firms jamie. that graph is instructive. what it is saying is, what we were told that federal
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spending kicked in nearly a trillion dollars we were gonna see a dramatic reduction in unemployment. that chart shows the opposite. that unemployment continued to climb. that's why the president was wrong today when he said his stimulus plan is work. most americans don't agree with him on that i think most of us think a 9 to 10% unemployment rate is a disaster. by the way h this is now two years of unemployment rate of above 9%. those are lousy numbers. >> jamie: according to your chart it was much lower before the stimulus. >> that's right. >> jamie: the white house says there maybe another spending plan but don't call it a stimulus. could that work and what do you anticipate will happen? what is the difference what we call it? >> that's right no matter what call it, it is more debt spending. as you know we have a 13 trillion national debt now. for the last two years we've had 1.5 trillion dollar deficits all-time records.
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this notion in washington that is held by many, many democrats and economists, who i think are wrong they believe more deficit spending will get in economy growing faster. i think we ought to be starting to rein in this spending and debt that would be a positive sign it could provide strength for private sector employment. >> jamie: strength is what we are looking for. steve, thank you. >> thank you jamie. >> jamie: the midterm elects are less than 60 days way a brand new fox news dynamic opinion dynamics poll, as we call them, shows 46% of registered voters would vote for a republican candidate in their district. only 37% would choose a democrat, if the election were held today. greta asked former house speaker newt gingrich why, without knowing who the candidate would be, voters right now favor his party? >> greta: mr. speaker nice to
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see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: we are hearing a lot about these polls liking grim her for the democrats, which i'm sure doesn't disappoint you. what is going on with this enthusiasm gap between democrats and republicans? >> part of it is the job-killing nature of the way the democrats have handled the economy. the fact that the unemployment numbers have been so consistently bad. part of it is that the radicalism of the obama team and pelosi and reid, has in a strange way depressed their side and truly aroused both independents and republicans in a way this you couldn't have predicted -- when obama came in, nobody would have predicted they would be in the mood they are in after -- coming up on labor day, this weekend. i think that -- >> greta: where did it go? all the crowds and enthusiasm, even their own base doesn't seem seem to be excited.
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where is the democratic enthusiasm? >> this is the most radical administration of modern times. i think that has split the democratic party. i think a substantial number of democrats -- in a poll this week in ohio 11% democrats would have prefered george w. bush to obama as president. now that may not sound like much, but it was almost four times the number of republicans who wanted obama rather than bush. that kind of beginning to see their own party fall apart on top of the independents deserting them while they solidify the republicans. i think in november will be difficult for the democrats. >> jamie: while democrats must sway their base and bond will they have newt gingrich to contend with as well in two more years? more of greta's interview with the former house speaker later in the hour. >> speaking of the next presidential election does president obama deserve a
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second term? wait until you hear the results of another brand new fox opinion dynamics poll asking that very question, next.
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49% say he doesn't. now, breaking it down along party lines, look at the response from independents, a key vote, 48% say president obama does not deserve reelection. joining us now democratic pollster doug schoen and former pennsylvania senator rick sanatorium, both fox news contributors. good evening gentlemen. >> good evening. >> good evening. >> jamie: doug when you look at the polls and think about how important the invote is, what must the president do? today he said the economy is growing at at the pace we wanted or expected but he didn't layout anything new. does very to come up with a new plan fast? >> i think he does. he's scheduled a press conference september 10th, in cleveland to do that. he floated some ideas yesterday, payroll tax holiday. extending the rnd tax credit and aid to small business that
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hopefully can get some republican support rather than just plain no we've heard from candidate for speaker john boehner and other republicans. >> jamie: congressman boehner, senator santorum, said the republicans will layout a plan. they have ideas. all along they've submitted their ideas to the president and tried to make their ideas her. i'm not convinced that the american people know what the republicans would do differently. can you give us any of the specifics of the plan he says will be laid out in the next month that he says will turn around the economy? >> well, first let me state republicans have said no because the plan that president obama put forward wasn't gonna work. it was an expansion of spending. it was running up the deficit. growing the size of government. oppressing the private sector at a time when we should be reducing taxes. so they said no for a good reason. >> jamie: let's get it out there tonight. what will the republicans do
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differently so the american people can decide? they are deciding and don't know is running and what information both sides will present that isn't the plan in place right now. help us out. >> i can speak -- obviously they haven't unveiled the plan so i can't speak to the specifics. it is going to lower taxes. i think republicans would participate in a payroll tax holiday. they would things that are longer term. like expend ing the bush tax cuts, all, not just some, particularly on those who create jobs in america. democrats, you know love employees but hate employers. it is hard to have employees unless you have an employer. what the republicans are gonna do is say we need long term solutions to give the private sector some sense of stability and certainty that things -- more things aren't going to be heaped upon them and taxes aren't going up for them to move forward and start hiring.
1:16 am
>> jamie: we are asking small businesses, private sector employers, to people when they can't really determine how much it will cost them. they don't know what health care will cost. they don't know what tax breaks will be in place with less than 60 days to go, how can the white house afford -- and democrats in general, afford to wait another day to let them know so they can stimulate the economy and start hiring again? >> jamie, i think you are right in what you are saying for the democrats and republicans. senator santorum was long on criticism of the democrats despite your question and short on ideas. there is the basis for bipartisan cooperation. extending the bush tax cuts or everybody. provide help to small business, do a payroll tax holiday. and for goodness sake, get the republicans to say president obama, we're in a crisis, let's all work together. let's put partisan politic as side and address our problem, right now, rather than waiting
1:17 am
for an election. you are right jamie, both parties have to do it. >> if the administration admit there is is a problem. listen to president obama today on his mention of confidence. >> the president: the moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created. they are just not being created as fast as they need to, given the big hole that we experienced. we have to continue to work with republicans and democrats, to come up with kwrad -- come up with ideas that can further accelerate that job growth i'm confident we can do that the evidence we've seen over the course of this summer and the last 18 months indicate we are moving in the right direction. >> jamie: does that sound like the president is admitting there's a problem lem? any chance republicans and democrats can work together in this short window that we have left before the american people have to decide who they want to represent them, doug?
1:18 am
>> i hope so and i think -- >> jamie: hang on senator. >> republicans are saying it is unlikely. the democrats are like evan bayh, conrad, nelson have said extent the bush tax cuts. i wish senator santorum and his colleagues are saying let's cooperate, sadly it is not happening. so i'm pessimistic. >> jamie: senator santorum. >> first off, the obama administration has not done a good job in reaching out to republicans. having said that, the democrats control the house. they can pass any bill they want. they don't need republicans. haven't reached out to republicans. republicans are clear if you want to cut taxes, grow the economy, create private sector jobs, they will vote for a package that is pro growth. they are not going to vote for more teachers' jobs and state employee jobs and expanding of government payroll. that is not on the agenda
1:19 am
that's what the latest barack obama stimulus pack wage -- package was about. >> jamie: no doubt the american people are waiting to hear from both sides more of the same, something new? gentlemen, thank you. >> coming up mideast peace talks wrapping up with you progress. today ahmadinejad chimes in. saying no deal. later also newt gingrich popular here in the states. apparently he's reached%u9d celebrity status with some in europe. the former house speaker tells greta all, coming up. ♪
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the best or nothing... welcome home, man. >> jamie: the first session of the u.s. backed mideast peace talks in washington ended on a positive note. >> we want to have a new era in our region that brings peace, justice, security and prosperity for all. >> i see in you a partner for peace. together we can lead our people to historic future that can put an end to claims and conflict.
1:23 am
>> jamie: the lead areas growing to meet again in a couple of weeks to continue the talks. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad says peace will fail once again. urging palestinians today to fight on. telling them resistance is their only choice. will his words throw a wrench into the peace process? joining me the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. ambassador, good evening. how about your take on the peace talks. was progress made? >> i don't think so. i think everybody was on their best behavior. prime minister netanyahu, mahmoud abbas for the palestinians. secretary clinton in the middle with her ruler ready to to rap their knuckles if they did anything bad. the state department, when you have a meeting and can't say much else about it, you can always say, the parties have agreed to meet again. yet another success. i think that's what it was. i think it was a lot of going through the motions. i think the gaps between the
1:24 am
parties are too great. we'll see what happens. i'm not holding my breath. >> jamie: in an op-ed that you wrote, you said even though the conventional wisdom is, it never hurts to talk, that the talks pose potentially considerable risk for the united states. how? >> diplomacy is like any other human activity it has costs as well as benefits. in this case we've seen the obama administration spend enormous amount of time, effort and american prestige over a 19 month period to get these direct negotiations resumed. if they collapse in the near future, combined with everything else that is going on in the region, the withdrawal of american combat forces from iraq, iran's continued progress toward nuclear weapons the difficulties in afghanistan, i think it will be taken as a sign of decreased american influence. so, by putting your prestige on the line if you can't achieve progress, you are not simply where were you before,
1:25 am
you are behind. >> jamie: ambassador, mahmoud ahmadinejad, never one to mince words quoting from reuters says today: the nations of the region are able to eliminate zionist regime from the face of the earth. adding the israeli regime has no future, its life has come to an end. what influence if any, does he have on the arab world and that side of the negotiation and how concerned do you think israel is that he's meddling? >> part of this is the conflict within the muslim world between shia and sunni iranians leading the shia branch. they've got enormous influence not only with hezbollah in lebanon. they've supplied, armed the hamas terrorists in the gaza strip and others around the world. iran is the central banker of international terrorism. when you have ahmadinejad and
1:26 am
the iranian regime out there with this rhetoric they are making it clear that they are going to try and take advantage of this against israel and in the larger struggle within the muslim world. >> jamie: ambassador john bolton always good to get your take on this. fox news will be covering all developments as the talks continue, we hope. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jamie: coming up, will he or won't he run for president in 2012? you know greta, she poses the question everyone is asking about newt gingrich. that is coming up. >> later, jerry lewis, arguably one of the funniest people in hollywood history. what he had to say about some of his -- some of tinsel town's current stars, it is no laughing matter. you can't miss it.
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>> tracking hurricane earl. it's a category 1 hurricane. 75-mile-per-hour winds. steve harrigan has been tracking it from the start. he is in hihanis harbor. steve? >> reporter: jamie, the heart of the storm is still a couple of hours off from here, but cape scpod nantucket feeling the outer bands. we have rain coming in sideways. the surf beginning to kick up as well. people on cape cod have been tracking the storm carefully for several days, really trying to determine just what kind of measures to take. over the past 48 hours, we have seen a number of people decide to take their boats out of the harbor. a lot of people securing their property around their houses and bringing in lawn furniture. some of the stores choosing to border their windows up with plywood. others not doing so. a lot of preparation in case the storm passed directly overhead, which it does not look like that's going to happen. there was room in public schools for 10,000 evacuees.
1:31 am
but the sense we got from people who experience the strong nor'easters in the winter is that they will ride this out at home. not a lot of people deciding to leave the island, but instead choosing to secure their home, their boats and ride this storm out. jamie, back to you. >> big concerns about power outage potential. we will have all the information from you, steve, and at thanks so much, steve., thank you steve. >> newt gingrich and his wife calista are co-hosts of nine days that changed the world. you can buy it at gingrich more of greta's interview. >> greta: compare and contrast president obama with former democratic president bill clinton and former democratic president jimmy carter. who is he more like and why? >> he's much more like jimmy carter. >> greta: why? >> bill clinton you could agree with his policies,
1:32 am
disagree, you could think at times he was awe scoundrel. but he was always likeable. he was always campaigning. and he was very effective with people. the number of conservatives who met him somewhere and said he was just likeable. obama doesn't have -- i thought peggy newton wrote a column that captured this. he doesn't seem to have the kind of personality that allows normal americans to get the rhythm of who he is. that's why you have these weird things about him. "newsweek" magazine tried to make fun of him on its cover this week. the fact is large parts of the united states cannot identify with president obama, even though as candidates they thought he was terrific. >> greta: he was soca mat fix as a candidate -- he was so charismatic as a candidate
1:33 am
could graw huge crowds now the oxygen is sucked out of the room and he's the leader maybe it is the economic policies not achieving that which he hoped for. it certainly seems rather -- it seem exciting and challenging and let's make the world go better. >> i think it is a little like the week when he feast on behalf of ramadan at the white house and he gave his speech. and he took this very bold courageous position on the mosque at ground zero. by the next afternoon he reversed his position. while he thought they had right to build, he didn't think they should. he sounded like john kerry. people go what -- as president, if you are gonna take a bold courageous position think it through and don't flinch. >> greta: the first one was thought out. it was a statement made at a dinner.
1:34 am
the second was after everybody lambasted him the next morning then it was a political response. saying i never said they should i said they had a constitutional right to do it. >> it made him look foolish. i'm not picking on this one example, you can take the bp oil disaster as another example. again and again what find is the president starts to say something that sounds really one way then suddenly pivots and says something that blocks or confuses the whole thing. for example, for the first two weeks of the bp oil disaster, the white house kept saying this is bp's problem. it turned out that in 1991, after the exxon valdez, and i was the republican whip at the time, we passed a law that said all these problems are the coast guard problem. the president as commander in chief has a direct responsible. after about two weeks of saying this is bp's problem, the white house began saying we are deeply engaged.
1:35 am
people could see the difference in those two responses. >> greta: the reason i ask is because the economy is so much a product of people's enthusiasm to want to go out and expand, to buy to feel inspired, to spend, build, be creative. there's something hanging over the nation where you are scared, frightened, worried you hang on tight and that hurts the economy. so the psychological impact of the leadership does matter. >> calista and i were at dinner this week, two entrepreneurs walked up to us and said, we each have enough money in the bank that we could expand your businesses. one is a very successful restaurant operator who has three locations co-expand to. the other is a person who has a factory that employees about 400 he could add another 100. they both said we want to talk to you. because we are not going to add a single job while moo is in the white house. because every -- while obama
1:36 am
is in the white house. he wants to raise taxes, raise the cost of health care, raise the amount of regulation. we say wait a second, why would iris being my money to try to create a big -- would i risk my money to try to create a bigger business if the obama administration is going to make it so expensive that i don't make money. >> greta: why he has to change the mood. the hill newspaper has a picture of you call the hot celeb in italy. >> they were referring to calista. that was not about me. it was a cute picture, we had a great two weeks in italy this nice couple came up to us. it is really weird. now you live in this age of these iphone and cell phone cameras where people say can i have a picture and you say sure. the next thing they've sent their relatives who
1:37 am
posted it on facebook. >> greta: how you are a hot celeb. there you go. some other things the des moines register, settlement 1st, says you are more sear -- september 1st, says you are seriously weighing -- going back to iowa i ask you this all the time. why don't you admit you are running? >> well, calista and i will make a decision -- >> greta: blah, blah, blah. >> as you know, because you are an attorney and i'm not. >> greta: is that an insult or compliment? >> a compliment in this case. there are very profound reasons under the federal rules to not become a candidate. there's all sorts of immediate consequences. so you are going to find a lot of people who are looking at running none of whom who are going to make a decision to run for a long time
1:38 am
[ talking over each other ] >> greta: okay. why wouldn't you? [ talking over each other ] >> it is an enormous challenge. >> greta: are you not up for a challenge? >> it something that calista and i and our family really do have to talk through over the next couple of months. i suspect we'll spend a fair amount of christmas and new year's talking. we are doing the research, laying out the planning, we know what it would take to get to a yes. you have to think it through before you can even think about the decision. >> greta: why would anyone want the job? i look at it and i think the only worst job, tougher job governor of california would be a worst job. at least you get air force one as president what is the attraction to the job? >> there are two different attractions. the inappropriate attraction is celebrity, climbing to the top of what is called the y
1:39 am
pole, being important. but the -- the greasey pole, being important. the good reason for people who should consider run something that america is in real trouble. and having a leader who can articulate the principles and outline policies that would get us back on track, whether it is jobs or national security, or it is fixing the health system, i mean we are in a time, i think we may be at the most challenging time since the 1850s we have very deep, very we'll challenges. if you found in your heart that you thought you really an ability to help your country and that you had ideas and concepts and you were willing to ask people to help you. this has to be a we project. it can't be look what i will do for america. no one person can solve our problems it's got to be a we project. if you think that's your
1:40 am
destiny you ought to do it and see what happens. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you very much. hope you come back very soon. >> jamie: greta thanks for that. news from the national hurricane center. earl is now a tropical storm. it is heading towards canada. it has sustained winds now of 70 miles per hour. we will keep you posted on all the latest developments is good news for so many people on the east coast this holiday weekend. >> next up on the record, a story that i really want you to hear. she lost her mother in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. a family heirloom dug out of the rubble of the world trade center keeps their special bond alive. [ male announcer ] what if we told you there's a new utility vehicle o there
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can leave up to 50% of plaque behind. that's why you want an oral-b power brush. inspired by dental tools, they clean away plaque in ways a manual brush can't. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. >> jamie: next week we mark nine years since the nine shref event attacks. so many -- since the 9/11 attacks. so many loved ones were lost. including sonia on american airlines flight 11 the first plane to crash into the twin towers seaed o see the -- seated two seats away from atta here she is with her daughter only part of her was found, her hand. recovered in the rubble of ground zero months later. her daughter sonia is here to tell for the first time about
1:45 am
a remarkable story of a family heirloom that forever detectives her to her mom. the subject of her new book, sonia's ring left recent ways to heal your heart. sonia is joining me now. good to see you. >> hello jamie, thank you for having me. >> jamie: it is my pleasure. your story is so inspiring. something that would be so difficult for any of us to accept. you turned into something that will help others. you say everybody has their own 9/11. tell us about the day you were contacted 11 months after your mom was killed and towed that a recovery was made at ground zero? >> well, they called my father and said that there were remains found. a few days after 9/11, my father prayed, praying for the ring to return. they had a message between the
1:46 am
both of them that my mother, if she received the ring it would be a sign she found peace. after unwaivering faith and a lot of prayer for the 11 months after they called my father and said the remains were found. they found the left hand and the ring. >> jamie: they found her hand. she had the ring on. she is so beautiful. you are such a close and loving family. >> thank you. >> jamie: i've heard from people who know you well. you have that ring. and your mom told you some day that ring, which she wore for 40 years married to your dad, would be yours and it would always be your connection to her in heaven. how helpful was it to have that ring. you have it on tonight can you show it to us? >> yes, of course. yes, this ring helps plant the seed to share this book to
1:47 am
create with the 11 ways to heal your heart. absolutely, i always feel my mother is always alive in my heart. >> jamie: you wrote this book to help other people get through whatever tragedies they face in life. many people are in dispair right now. one of the things that you say you have to find forgiveness. you found forgiveness for the people who did this to your mother, how? >> well, well jamie it is a daily exercise, a daily practice. i i think that it is not -- i can't easily say how, you have to find and just do it. these lessons i feel i learned from my parents. >> jamie: your mom must have taught you many things and taught you well. one passage that struck they from the binge it is called
1:48 am
sonya's ring on your website people can find out how to get it, it is a wonderful story to share. you say god was reminding us in the worst possible tragedy that we experience indescribable chaos, pain and suffering there is always a witness something that reminds us something, god, spirit, divine intelligence or call it nothing is in the middle of the mess along with us. we are not alone it will only bring us through it all. but we'll somehow even miraculously bring good out of it. you believe in miracles don't you? >> i do. i feel this story shows miracles do happen. sonia's ring is for everyone who has a heart. we all have experienced our own 9/11 moment or experience. we all understand pain and suffering. so we all have the ability to heal our hearts and with love and light and all of the 11 ways that i discuss in sonia's
1:49 am
ring, i feel that if you have a heart, you have the power within you to help healing. >> jamie: incredible. is incredible to meet you, thank you. i know it took you nine years to write it, because it is your journey. as we look at 9/11 and never forget what happened, we'll be thinking of you and praying for you and your family. thank you so much. >> thank you very, very much jamie. thank you. >> jamie: we will remember this week and we can never forget. >> coming up, has paris hilton killed her coke bust defense in 140 characters or less? a reported tweet that could mean big trouble. >> later there's nothing cuter than a newborn panda is there? except maybe twins. more pandas, more fun. it is the best of the rest, next. host: could switching to geico really
1:50 am
save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? randy: sorry man, you all right? man: yeah, im good. yeah you just winged me. randy: think anybodys going to notice that? man: yeah, probably. maybe we should just go sledding... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> jamie: here's the best of the rest. they are dropping like flies on "american idol." i'm not talking about the contestants. kara dioguardi is stepping down as judge on the hit show. she is the third "american idol" judge to quit
1:54 am
this summer after simon cowell and ellen degeneres leaving randy jackson as the only one on the panel. there have been rumors on who will take the open spots. the show has not named any replacements yet. >> these newborns look like beanie babies. born august 11th, at a zoo in japan, one male, one female revealed to the wore for the first time today. they still weigh only a pound and a half. zookeepers say that is healthy. they are cute! >> did paris blow any cocaine bust defense she may have had? before she was caught with the illegal substance when the cops pulled paris and her boyfriend over in las vegas last week she claimed the handbag belonged to her friend just borrowing it having no idea the drugs were inside. paris hilton sent a tweet more
1:55 am
than a month before the incident which showed a picture of her new purse. saying, i love my new chanel bag i got today. apparently the purse is identical to the one she told cops was her friend's. >> paris has rubbed jerry lewis the wrong way. the comedy legend had choice words for her and her friend lindsay lohan. you will hear them. it is our last call y'all!
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
1:59 am
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, last call. comedy icon jerry lewis getting ready for a labor day telethon. but his words, for lindsay lohan were anything but chairitable. and he had some harsh things to say about the troubled actor. >> i would smack her in the mouth and would be arrested for abusing a woman. >> what would you say? >> i would say you deserve this, and nothing else. whack! and then, if she's not satisfied i'd put her over my knee and spank her. >> listen to his opinion of paris hilton. >> the same thing with paris hilton. those children are begging for help. what they're doing is saying can you please help me? >> that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. join me in america's

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